With everything that is going on my email is blowing up wanting to know if Josh is still part of this club and the answer is NO!! 
Introducing Joshua Banner: Ok folks this pic comes from my bro in AZ, this piece of sh?# in the picture is Joshua Banner for the last seven years he claimed to be a Sgt with 2nd Recon Bn when in reality he was discharged as a Lcpl with an artilery unit. Look at the stack this piece of garbage claims 2 purple hearts and a bronze star along with others. It's all bullshit!!!! And yes if you want the proof let me know I'll show you.
I would like to set the record straight about some bum scoop that is being passed around the valley and bring some truth to the situation! THE INFIDEL NATION is the ONLY INFIDEL named RC in the valley period!! I have received word that there is another group riding under that name, as this may be true the pic that is posted above this statement would be the TOP for that "club". So to avoid any further confusion if your looking for a group to ride with and you fit the description stated in our mission statement then please contact US and if you are approached by someone wearing the patch under this statement PLEASE let us know.


He is also listed on POWNETWORK.ORG, scroll down about half the page and youll see him. 
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